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Bhavi Tathgar earned his law degree with honours from the University of Leicester, England, following completion of his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, International Relations from the University of Victoria.

Bhavi is a product of diverse mentorship and prides himself on possessing ‘old school’ work ethics and values while adapting it to the fast-evolving world of law. Bhavi possesses a sound understanding of human behaviour, social dynamics and diversity. Bhavi is adventurous, innovative and adaptive. Highly valued are – hard work, honour, integrity and a genuine care for others. Bhavi is fascinated by a diverse range of experiences, thus enjoys travel and continuous self-development.

Bhavi entered the legal world by having the opportunity to experience criminal defence law and civil litigation in Vancouver, B.C. Shortly after, Bhavi articled under the guidance of a member of the Bar since 1978 and has since worked primarily in the area of Real Estate Law, Wills & Estates and Business Law.

Bhavi is inspired by the resilience and growth of young people and has volunteered extensively through Big Brothers and Big Sisters Mentorship Program and has dedicated countless hours to helping the elderly in his community.

Bhavi has returned home with his finance to beautiful Victoria, B.C. Outside of the office, Bhavi enjoys travel, exploring fine scotches and restaurants, reading and watching the NFL. Bhavi is fluent in Punjabi.