Creditors' Remedies

Collecting money owed to you, whether from a contract or a court judgment, can be a difficult and frustrating process. Court rules and procedures for debt collection are often technical, confusing, and difficult to navigate.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with every stage of the collections process. We can help you find the most practical solution to fit your needs – whether that means reaching an out-of-court settlement, starting legal proceedings in Provincial or Supreme Court, garnishing a debtor’s bank accounts, or executing a judgment against a debtor’s property.

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Our lawyers can help you with:

  • Residential and commercial foreclosure proceedings

  • Collecting overdue accounts

  • Recovering outstanding loans

  • Conducting execution proceedings (i.e. obtaining garnishing orders and seizing assets)

  • Enforcing domestic and foreign judgments

Our lawyers who practice in this area include:

Michael R. Mark   Senior Partner

Michael R. Mark

Senior Partner

Charlotte A. Salomon, Q.C.   Senior Partner

Charlotte A. Salomon, Q.C.

Senior Partner

Reid Fraser   Associate

Reid Fraser